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Nero Media Player is a media player brought to you by the creators of the famous disc burning software.

Presented through a slightly strange modular interface that resembles a stereo system, the programn structure has been very well received and is very easy to use.

The player supports almost all formats for both video and audio files, and furthermore, supports the latest codecs so playing any file never becomes a problem. There is also a remote control function so the program can be controlled from a far smaller display, and a 20 channel equalizer.

Nero Media Player also includes a tool for converting audio CDs to MP3 or WAV files. The resulting quality of these files can also be adjusted.

Without doubt, this is a more than satisfactory option for playing all your multimedia files.

Nero Media Player has been intergrated with Nero, and has therefore ceased to be an independent program. Only download if you already have an origional working serial number, as you can not install it seperately.

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